Have you ever found that the great deal you got on a laser printer for $99 didn’t turn out to be so great when the time came to replace the toner or drum for hundreds of dollars?

Did you know that when you purchase a new laser printer the included “starter” toner generally produces a lower yield than a replacement toner which explains why that new printer may have been cheaper than the replacement cartridge.

Do have a need to print in colour but find you are spending hundreds of dollars on replacement colour toners?

The solution is to take into account the total cost of ownership before purchasing any printer.

Calculating printer running costs

Comparing running costs between printers is relatively easy as every toner cartridge has a published yield. While this yield is normally calculated at 5% coverage which may differ from your printing requirements it still provides a base line to compare running costs.

For example the difference between a printer that costs 1.5 cents per page for black and white compared to one that costs 5.5 cents per page starts to add up. Once one box (5 reams) of A4 paper has gone through the more expensive machine it has already cost $100 more to own. This cost difference is even greater when you compare colour printers.

Recommended printers

We don’t sell printers and we don’t have commercial arrangements with any printer supplier so we can give you an objective comparison between printers.

We can also tell you that our clients using FujiXerox multifunction centres (MFCs) in their business are far more satisfied with their printing capabilities and running costs than clients who use printers from any other manufacturer.

Why such a glowing endorsement? It’s simple… Our clients are happy and have very few problems with these machines.

Why should I consider buying a large multi function centre (MFC)?

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Faster printing
  • Faster scanning (users love this)
  • Better quality printing
  • Easier to use menus
  • Ability to print and scan A3 pages
  • Improved reliability
  • Additional paper trays for different paper stocks (i.e. letterhead)
  • Larger paper trays reducing the number of times the printer runs out of paper

Consumables (paper and printer toner cartridges)

Our other suggestions for improved printing is to use Reflex paper and genuine cartridges.

Genuine cartridges produce better quality results, deliver the stated yield and minimise hardware malfunctions. There are huge incentives (margins) for resellers to sell after market (non-genuine) cartridges but it is a false economy for the end user that results in an expensive and frustrating experience.