Power protection, battery backup

Do you need to protect valuable network equipment from damage caused by an unreliable electricity supply?

Could a power outage cause you to lose critical business data or cause further downtime at a remote site?

Do you need your business to be able to continue operating with phones and computers during a power outage?

F1 Technology proudly recommends APC by Schneider Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS).

Some UPS battery backups cause more problems than they prevent, completely failing during the first power interruption or silently failing during the middle of the day, shutting down systems when there has been no interruption to power.

Our experience has been that APC UPS are incredibly reliable and sufficiently alert the user when the battery needs replacing. Replacement batteries are easy to obtain.

Reliable power protection doesn’t have to be expensive. The entry level the Back-UPS CS 500 is $169 and has proven to be very reliable over the years, outlasting more expensive UPSs from other suppliers.

UPS come in varying capacities and run-times with different levels of monitoring and alerting. F1 Technology can recommend a suitable APC UPS for your workstations, servers, telephone systems and network equipment.