Internet Connectivity

As businesses are increasingly relying on internet connectivity more consideration needs to be put into speed, reliability, mobility and redundancy. This is even more so when a small business changes to the National Broadband Network (NBN) or utilises cloud based applications.

If you business is using internet telephony (also known as VoIP or SIP) or cloud applications an internet outage could bring your business productivity and communication to a halt.

At F1 Technology we are continually monitoring the availability of our clients’ internet connections so that any outages are immediately detected. This allows traffic to be routed via an alternate connection or network

For clients with ADSL or Fibre to the Node (FTTN or VDSL) connections we also continuously monitor synchronisation (upload and download) speeds, attenuation and noise (signal loss) for any deterioration, this allows us to address slow speeds or potential faults before they become critical.

We recommend implementing a 4G backup connection that can be utilised in the event of a complete outage. While most of our clients have multiple wired internet connections to protect against an outage of any of connection the possibility of a cable fault or fault with equipment at exchange or node must be considered.

We also recommend Telstra Business Broadband for our clients. We find Telstra’s network speed, coverage and reliability to be unequalled by any other provider.

Many of the complaints about the National Broadband Network (NBN) are simply a result of using a service provider with a congested network, our experience with Telstra is that congestion is not an issue.

For small to medium businesses we use and recommend Draytek and Cisco routers as they provide a wide feature set and have proven to be reliable. Draytek routers in particular a quite economical to purchase.

Some of the features available in a Draytek router that we find useful to many businesses are: 4G backup, multiple internet connections, load balancing, VPN, RADIUS for wireless authentication and VLAN and multiple subnets for segregating parts of your network to improve security.

Many telephone and internet service providers are not easy to deal with but F1 Technology takes care of liaising with service providers on behalf of our clients. This means our clients never need to contact their service providers again for new connections, modifications, account queries or faults. This is one of the many ways we eliminate stress for our clients and their staff.

F1 Technology has no commercial arrangements with any telephone or internet service providers.