Christian McVeigh

Christian started his career in information technology in 2003 and in that time he’s seen plenty of changes in business IT from Windows 98 and dial-up modems to the National Broadband Network and cloud computing.

Christian has worked for Bluescope Steel, Rural Press (now Fairfax Media) and Airservices Australia.

At Airservices Australia Christian worked in the National Operations Centre (NOC) as an AAMS (Australian Aeronautical Messaging System) System Co-ordinator, overseeing the operation of a mission critical domestic and international network used to exchange air traffic control, airport and weather data.

Today Christian enjoys working one-on-one with business owners and their teams to do solve business challenges while developing long lasting relationships.

Christian has an interest in software development using the .Net Framework (C#), Python and PowerShell and develops many of the tools used in the business for monitoring and automation. Christian also develops tools for clients to handle data extraction, data migration and automation of repetitive tasks.

Away from the computer Christian has a passion for aviation and enjoys flying.

Christian and his wife Emma have two dogs and are expecting their first child in October.